Game of Thrones is returning to Iceland to film season 8


HBO has visited Iceland a number of times to film material for Game of Thrones. You can see it in season 2, when the wildlings capture Jon Snow; in season 3 when he and Ygritte march toward the Wall; and in season 7 when Jon and his merry band of zombie-hunters hunt zombies. Now, according to Icelandic news outlet Vísir, the network will return to the Nordic island country to film parts of season 8.

Per Vísir, the team will be in Iceland for “a few days” in February, aka the dead of winter, where the coldest parts of the country can reach temperatures as low as -22°F. Pray for whatever cast members have to make the trip — it can’t be fun working in that kind of climate.

As for what will be filmed there, we don’t know. Generally speaking, the production has used Iceland to stand in for areas beyond the Wall, but not always: it’s also been used for parts of the North, the Vale, and even an area outside Meereen. Also, given that winter has now come to Westeros proper, HBO could find any number of uses for Iceland’s snowy vistas.

At the moment, HBO hasn’t decided which locations in Iceland it will use. According to Vísir, their choice will depend to some extent on “snow laws,” which I really hope is a real thing and not a quirk of Google Translate.

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