Season 8 filming: See more pics of the massive [REDACTED] set outside Titanic Studios


The Game of Thrones production has been laboring for months to erect a massive set in a lot outside Titanic Studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It’s the biggest set ever built for the show, and as much as HBO wants to keep season 8 spoilers to a minimum, there’s been no hiding something this enormous from prying eyes.

And now, even more pics have surfaced, courtesy of Game of Thrones fan @NialBirney. Check them out below, and be wary of light SPOILERS.

These most recent pics were taken yesterday, December 3. Not a ton has changed about the set since the last batch broke, but there are some things worth noting.

The set from behind. Lots of supply vans on hand.

The tower in the above photo represents the biggest change. When photos of the set surfaced on Watchers on the Wall in late November, the tower looked like this:

It was brown and patchy — still bare wood, more or less. Now, it looks like the production has fixed it up to make it look like it’s made of stone. This is probably much closer to what it will look like on TV.

You can also see the tower in a video Birney took of the scene, below:

So we know what the set looks like, but what does it stand in for, and what is going to happen there? For those SPOILER-tastic answers, you can click here.

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