Someone is raising money to make sure Ghost will be in season 8, and other funnies


Game of Thrones season 7 spent a lot of time with Daenerys’ dragons — Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion — but little with the other magical creatures in Westeros: the Stark direwolves. Arya had a heartbreaking encounter with a fully-grown Nymeria in “Stormborn,” but there was no sign of Ghost, Jon’s direwolf, whatsoever — the most we got was a brief mention by Sansa in “Eastwatch.” Not everyone was pleased.

To make sure this cycle doesn’t repeat itself, one fan has even taken to GoFundMe to raise money “for cgi so that Ghost features in season 8.”

"Please help Jon reunite with his beloved direwolf. Also, no one tell Jon, he knows nothing. Want it to be a surprise he’ll never forget."

Somehow I doubt that HBO needs the help — it’ll find the money if it wants it bad enough — but it’s nice to have options.

Elsewhere on the internet, Game of Thrones fans are getting into the Christmas spirit. To wit, one Redditor got his hands on the show’s Christmas special, which features a crossover with Elf! Soak up the holiday cheer:

"The GOT Christmas special has just been leaked. from freefolk"

Taking a different tack, this reinterpretation of one of the pivotal moments from season 1 imagines what the show would be like if it were set in a kinder, gentler world:

Feel the love.

Moving on, YouTuber steve continues to watch Game of Thrones completely out of order, this time taking in “Mockingbird,” the seventh episode of season 4. It’s fun as always, but as this is the fourteenth episode he’s watched, it’s getting harder for him to be surprised and confused.

Finally, if you happen to live in or around Philadelphia — or, hell, if you’re up for a roadtrip — the Philadelphia Theater Company has something that may interest you: a parody musical all about Game of Thrones called Musical Thrones: A Parody of Ice and Fire.

"Sail into Westeros for the musical send-up of a century! Musical Thrones: A Parody of Ice and Fire is a giddy and raucous parody of the Emmy Award-winning HBO show, Game of Thrones. Sing and dance along with Daenerys, her dragons, and many other beloved and be-hated characters as they engage in savagery, sex, and earth-shattering plot twists in the Seven Kingdoms."

I very much enjoyed the one Game of Thrones musical I saw, and hopefully this one can take its place in the annals of Thrones parody shows.

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