Season 8 filming: New images of the Winterfell set


Season 8 of Game of Thrones might not air until 2019, but that doesn’t mean the cast and crew aren’t hard at work. Along with the building of a massive set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the crew has been making some upgrades to the Winterfell set at Moneyglass, and has been shooting there for at least a couple of weeks. Courtesy of Oakleaf Photography, you can get a good look at what the set looks like in its current form:

And blown up:

Before season 8, the battlements of Winterfell were largely created after the fact with special effects. Now they’re really here — you can zoom in and see lighting implements on top of one of the towers. The production probably wouldn’t build the battlements unless the actors were going to interact with them. Smells like a battle with those pesky White Walkers.

With the number of supply trucks at the scene, shooting still seems to be in full swing.

Above, we can see a gate of some kind, although why it’s not connected to the rest of the walls is a bit of a mystery. Our best guess is that it’s being built away from the other walls to make it easier to destroy. Could this be where the army of the dead breaches the castle’s defenses?

This massive green screen is intriguing. What will the crew use that for? Dany’s dragons? A landscape? Undead giants? We caught a glimpse of the latter during season 7, so they may well make their way to Winterfell. And we’ve seen what giants can do to the gates of Winterfell before

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