Meet The New Cast Members Of Westworld Season 2

Who are the new cast members of Westworld Season 2? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Westworld’s second season is still months away from it’s premiere and is currently still filming. Although the production has been tight lipped, several new cast members have been announced. In preparation for Westworld Season 2, we’ve compiled a list of all the new faces to the series and included everything we know about their characters.

Hiroyuki Sanada As Musashi

[Credit: H2F Entertainment]Hiroyuki Sanada is best known for his roles on Lost, Helix, Sunshine, 47 Ronin and The Wolverine. Sanada is a fantastic actor and has an extremely impressive resume that spans 50 years. He will be playing Musashi in Westworld Season 2, and much to our delight, his character will hail from Samurai World.

A Funko Pop Figure of Musashi was revealed at SDCC 2017 and he appears to be a host; however, HBO has not confirmed any details regarding the character. Samurai World was teased at in the Westworld Season 1, but this casting means we will be seeing some facets of the new park in Season 2.

Katja Herbers As Grace

[Credit: Mollywood]Grace Herbers is an outstanding actress who has appeared in The Americans, Manhunt: Unabomber and Manhattan. She recently appeared in the final season of HBO’s The Leftovers and impressed fans with her excellent portrayal of Dr. Eden.

Herbers was announced as a series regular of the upcoming season of Westworld  back in July 2017. She will be playing a character named Grace, who is a seasoned visitor of the park that got caught up in Dolores’s revolution. From what we learned from the Season 2 trailer, Grace is going to need a lot of help to survive her latest trip to Westworld.

Jonathan Tucker As Major Craddock

[Credit: FX]Jonathan Tucker is a fantastic character actor, with roles in Sleepers, Kingdom, American Gods, Justified and The Ruins. The actor possesses the on-screen gravitas to play a leading man, but he can also become completely unrecognizable in a role. Tucker has a unique blend of charm and edge makes him a joy to watch – much like Westworld’s own Ben Barnes.

Tucker will be portraying Major Craddock in Westworld Season 2, who has been described as a commanding military officer. What is the military’s role in Westworld Season 2? We haven’t the slightest clue; however, there are several intriguing possibilities that have us hyped for the upcoming season.

Betty Gabriel As Maling

[Credit: Universal]Betty Gabriel might not be a household name, but it certainly will be. The actress blew audiences and critics away this year with her role in the surprise hit, Get Out. Her filmography might not be long, but her work on Amazon’s Good Girls Revolt was extraordinary.

Gabriel has been cast as Maling in the sophomore season of Westworld, who tires to restore order in the park. Cleaning up after Dolores’ revolution may seem like a tall order, but it seems that Maling is going to be leading the charge. We wish her character good luck and we’re glad that an actress of Gabriel’s talent is joining the cast.

Neil Jackson As Nicholas

[Credit: Summit Entertainment]You might know Neil Jackson from his roles in Push, Quantum of Solace and Sleepy Hollow, but he has been in the game a long time. Jackson is a British actor, but he has an affinity for accents that is unparalleled. His range makes him a valued addition to Westworld, but it also makes difficult to make any predictions regarding his character.

Jackson will be introduced in Westworld Season 2 as Nicholas; however, details regarding this character are sparse. According to Variety, Nicholas is described as a “charming and resourceful man who finds himself in uncharted territory.” The description couldn’t get any vaguer, but, regardless, we are still excited to have him on board.

Gustaf Skarsgård As Karl Strand

[Credit: History Channel]Fans of The TV show Vikings will recognize Gustaf Skarsgård as Floki, but he will be playing a very different role in Westworld Season 2. Skarsgård is playing Karl Strand, who is described as a white-collared, but he has no problem getting his hands dirty. This description seems to be hinting at a connection to Delos, but we’ll have to wait to find out. The Swedish actor isn’t very well-known, but we can’t wait to see him join Westworld‘s already impressive cast.

Fares Fares As Antoine Costa

[Credit: Atmo Production]In the past 5 years, Fares Fares has exploded onto the Hollywood scene with roles in Zero Dark Thirty, Tyrant and Rogue One. The actor started his career in 2000, but he mostly worked out of Sweden until 2012, when he landed a role in Safe House.  Fares will be playing a tech expert named Antoine Costa in Westworld Season 2. We don’t know any other details about him, but he sounds like another Delos employee. Hopefully, we will learn more about him in the next few months.

Zahn McClarnon 

[Credit: FX]If you don’t know who Zahn McClarnon is, then you probably haven’t been watching TV for the past 30 years. He’s appeared on dozens of TV shows, including Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, The Shield and Walker, Texas Ranger. Recently, he has garnered acclaim for his incredible work on Fargo Season 2, Longmire and The Son.

It’s awesome that McClarnon will be lending his talent to Westworld; however, we know nothing about his character. HBO hasn’t even released his character’s name yet. What’s the reason for their secrecy? We have no idea, but given how many twists were in Season 1, we can bet they’ve got a few surprises for us.

(Sources: Variety, SyFy)

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