Young William Is Coming Back To Westworld In A Big Way

Watching young William turn into the Man In Black was one thing. Seeing his after leaving the park will be something else.

As soon as Young William (Jimmi Simpson) placed the black hat on his head, he immediately turned into the Man In Black (Ed Harris). A simple twist in a larger story that sucker punched fans like some drunken desperado in the Mariposa Saloon.

It was the twists and turns in the story that made Westworld one of most popular shows on HBO. Once Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy announced that they were working on Westworld Season 2, the internet started buzzing about which actors were coming back.

One fan straight-up asked on Twitter if Jimmi Simpson was joining the cast of Westworld Season 2. Simpson responded jokingly:

Now we definitely know young William will be back in Season 2. This means Simpson’s character will play a larger role in the development of the park and with Delos. More importantly, we’ll get to understand the man underneath the infamous black hat.

Will We See Young William Start His Quest For The Maze?

At the end of season 1, we watched young William change from the simple nice guy to the ruthless Man In Black. In between this change, we learned a lot about young William: he’s about to get married, Logan will be his brother-in-law, and William works for Delos. Now we will have the opportunity to delve deeper into what is driving William. Even in an interview with IGN as reported by the International Business Times, Simpson hints at how his transformation will affect others, “There is a few more questions that they’re gonna answer for us as far as exactly how that transition occurred and what it felt like to him and other people.”

One of the main plots had to do with the Man In Black being infatuated with the maze. We watched him scalp the head of one of the hosts to find the symbol. And he killed Lawrence’s (Clifton Collins, Jr.) wife right in cold blood to get some information about the start of the maze.

What was it that caused him to spend 30 years finding the meaning of the maze? Hopefully, season 2 will explore why young William started down this path in the first place. Since William is the majority shareholder of Westworld, he has all the time he needs.

Will We See Life Outside The Park?

Ed Harris as William, The Man in Black, on Westworld

We spent a lot of time watching the hosts travel all over Westworld. The vast scenery, the hustle and bustle of Sweetwater all came together to give the guests of the park the ultimate experience. At times, we saw the cliff side headquarters where Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) presided over the hosts.

But we never ventured outside the world of Westworld. With all the guests coming to visit, we never saw where they were coming from. Nor do we know how William lived. In season 2, expect to see William and his family as climbs the corporate ladder at Delos. It will be interesting to see how his new persona works in the corporate world or if he switches back to nice-guy William.

William is a pivotal character and important to Westworld. This is the character that Nolan and Joy for the viewers to understand how the park affects the guests once they travel back home. One of the main themes of Westworld is how our experiences change us and alters our view of the world.

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