A Fan May Have Discovered Westworld Season 2’s Premiere Date


Evan Rachel Wood revealed that Westworld Season 2 will premiere in Spring 2018. But, a fan on Reddit claims to have narrowed it down to a specific date – and we hope they’re right!

Fans have awaited any news regarding Westworld Season 2, but, sadly, HBO has been tight lipped regarding the show’s sophomore season. Back in November 2017, Evan Rachel Wood confirmed that that Season 2 will be released in the spring; however, the exact date is still elusive.

So, when exactly will Westworld Season 2 premiere? Well, one fan on Reddit claims to have narrowed it down to 2 possible dates. It’s an exciting theory, but before we continue, this is just speculation, and nothing has been confirmed. So, without further ado, let’s take at 2 possible release dates for Westworld Season 2!

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A Redditor Claims To Have Narrowed Down Westworld Season 2’s Possible Premiere Date

Over on the Westworld Reddit page, a Redditor by the name, EThorns, posted a theory regarding Westworld Season 2’s premiere date. EThorns used their prior knowledge about HBO’s release schedule  and a new press release to narrow it’s premiere to 2 specific dates. The post reads as follows:

"According to an HBO press release, the freshman season of Alan Ball’s Here & Now debuts on February 11, 2018. Set to run for 10 episodes, which would make it wrap up on April 15.Since Season 2 is set for a spring release, that could peg it to kickoff on the very next week (April 22), or the week after (April 29).The second option is listed, cause the network did something similar this year, when they had an empty spot on April 9, the week after the finale of ‘Big Little Lies’, & the week before the premiere of ‘The Leftovers’ S3. However, in the year before that, there was no break between the finale of ‘Vinyl’ & the S6 premiere of ‘Game of Thrones’, which started right after.And the fact that they might want to make it eligible for the Emmys. Some sites say half a season (5 episodes) needs to air by May 31 to qualify, while others say more than half (6 or above) need to. With April 29, they can accomplish the latter, but with April 22, they can get the former.But all things considered, you can expect it to hit on either of these two days."

Could Westworld Season 2 Premiere On April 22 or April 29?

[Credit: HBO]Many fans assumed that Westworld Season 2 would take the premiere slot that Game of Thrones used to occupy. This would put Season 2’s release between late April and early May. Ethorns theory fits that criteria, and the logic they used is sound. However, we can’t be sure that HBO is sticking to any preconceived release pattern. In the last few years, HBO has released shows when they are ready, rather than trying to fill a vacancy.

The Redditor’s idea about the show being eligible for the Emmys is extremely intriguing. To be eligible for the 2018 Emmys, they must air most of its episodes by May 31st. If Westworld is shooting for an Emmy nomination, the premiere must hit in early April or late March. Westworld Season 2 will have 10 episodes, so at the latest, it could be eligible if it premiered on April 22, 2018.

If HBO wants a 2018 Emmy nomination, we could see Season 2 in late March or early April. This line of reasoning hinges on HBO’s desire for an Emmy, but it still makes a lot of sense. We will hopefully learn more about Westworld Season 2 in the coming weeks, but for now, April 22nd (or even earlier) seems like a solid date.

Westworld Season 2 will premiere Spring 2018.

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