Why Is There A Dead Tiger In The Westworld Season 2 Trailer?


The Westworld Season 2 trailer showed fans that all hell had broken loose in the Park following the first season. But, why was there a dead tiger?

HBO released the trailer for Westworld Season 2 at SDCC 2017, which showcased the fallout of Ford’s narrative. Death and chaos reigned supreme in the park, as the hosts are exacted their revenge. The trailer showed glimpses of the shape of things to come, but there was one thing that left us confounded. We are speaking, of course, of the dead tiger.

There are many more important things to unpack in from the trailer. But, we really want to know where that tiger come from. Is it from Westworld? Why is it in the trailer? Its presence raises a lot of questions, and because we obsess over every detail of the show, we have some theories.

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What’s The Deal With The Tiger In Westworld’s Season 2 Trailer?

The tiger in question is revealed at the 35 second mark of the trailer, and by all accounts, is dead. Bernard is staring at it longingly, but beyond that, we have very little information regarding the scene. The main question we have is, where did the tiger come from?

Is The Tiger From Westworld?

Since there were no tigers in the wild west, it seems unlikely it hails from Westworld. However, it’s possible there was a traveling circus of some kind where it escaped from. We haven’t seen a traveling circus, but given how massive the park is, it’s possible there is one somewhere. It’s also possible that there is some sort of exotic hunting section of the park that we haven’t seen.

The website Discover Westworld has an interactive component that tells us that the hunting in the park is unparalleled. Does it confirm that you can hunt tigers? No, but here’s what the site has to say about hunting in the park:

"“Hunting at Westworld has a reputation for a reason. The experience is everything it’s been built up to be—in part because of the wide range of species available to target—and also because animal rights activists have no qualms with the activity here. Fire away!”"

Could the Tiger Be From Another Park?

The less far-fetched explanation is that the tiger is from another park. The only other park that has been confirmed in Samurai/Shogun World, but if this is a Japanese based park, the existence of Tigers doesn’t make much sense – since they usually aren’t found in Japan. However, it’s also possible that it could be from some sort of zoo or something we haven’t seen yet.

Why Is The Tiger In The Season 2 Trailer?

This question is extremely intriguing, and speaks to the enigmatic nature of the show. The tiger could be inconsequential, and only serves to show the scope of the chaos, but it could be something more substantial. If the tiger isn’t from the park, it hints that Ford’s new narrative has overflowed into other parks.

We saw that the Delos headquarters had been nearly wiped out in the trailer, but we don’t know who did it. It could be a roving band of murderous hosts, but we will have to wait and see who it is in the premiere. Also, the hosts could have ventured to other parks, and the tiger could be a sign that host creations are exiting and entering other parks at will.

Hopefully, all our questions will be addressed Westworld Season 2 premieres in Spring 2018.

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