James Marsden: Westworld Season 2 Will Be ‘Taken To The Next Degree’


Look out Westworld Season 1. According to James Marsden, Season 2 is ‘so much bigger’.

Looks like Westworld is getting a little bigger. James Marsden, who plays host Teddy Flood, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about to expect in Westworld Season 2. Although he doesn’t say much, Marsden does urge viewers to “let it unfold in its own time.” This he what he said to EW about what to expect in season 2:

"“You will not be disappointed. The world that we created will be completely expanded upon, and the themes and the philosophies will all be taken to the next degree. The one thing I can say is that it just feels so much bigger this year. There’s a bigger cast, we’re shooting sometimes three units at once, whereas the first season it was always just one unit so the scope of the whole thing has definitely grown.”"

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There may not be much to go on in his statement. But James Marsden does seem to back up what we have gathered so far for the HBO show’s second season.

What Can We Gather From James Marsden’s Interview?

[Credit: HBO]James Marsden was the newest Westworld alum to speak up about season 2. His most interesting take-a-way was about how big the story will be. Just recently, Jimmi Simpson confirmed that he was coming back for the second season, which means we’ll see more of the Man in Black’s background. Simpson will join Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris and Thandie Newton as some of the major actors coming back to the show.

We also heard about several new actors joining the show. Katja Herbers, Jonathan Tucker, Betty Gabriel, Neil Jackson, Gustaf Skarsgård, Zahn McClarnon and Fares Fares have all signed on to play various roles. But the most interesting addition to the line-up was the news about Hiroyuki Sanada. That bit of news confirmed that we will see the introduction of Samurai World. We saw the Samurai World logo appear during Maeve’s escape sequence. Quickly, the internet was buzzing about the possibilities of other worlds.

When James Marsden said season will be so much bigger, he really means it. Season 2 will explore what it means for the hosts be alive. And we’ll see how the executives at Delos will handle the situation that was caused by Robert Ford. More importantly, we’ll get to see what life is like in the other worlds.

Westworld Season 2 is set to premiere in Spring 2018.

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