Westworld Stars Have Wrapped Filming On Season 2


Thanks to updates on social media, we know that certain cast members have wrapped filming on Westworld Season 2!

After waiting for what felt like an eternity, Westworld Season 2 is almost upon us. Slated for a Spring 2018 release date, fans will finally get to step back into the park for the first time in over a year. Details regarding Westworld’s sophomore season production have been scarce. However, we have received several updates from the cast via social media.

Recently, two of the biggest stars on Westworld took to Instagram to share progress from Season 2. In their posts, Evan Rachel Wood and Jeffrey Wright both gave updates on their 6-month-long stints on set. Thanks to the stars, we know that the production is winding down and several cast members have almost wrapped filming.

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Westworld Cast Members Have Finished Filming On Season 2

We have been getting periodic updates regarding Westworld Season 2 for some time; however, details about the production have been few and far between. The biggest news we’ve received came by way of Ed Harris, who said the following in an interview with Collider back in October:

"“So far, we’ve shot some from episode 1, episode 2, some from episode 4, some from episode 10. They’re committed to having the scripts done to shoot so we’re done by Christmas. I’m glad that I am not a person who’s trying to schedule the days of filming on this thing, because it’s insane. Sometimes you’ll have two, three different episodes being shot. Different crews, different locations; I don’t know how they get it all done."

This information was our clearest picture of the show’s schedule. It appears that everything is going as planned, since many stars of the show have recently announced they’ve wrapped production. Just like Harris said, the production schedule was crazy, but, somehow, they’re nearing the end.

  • Jeffrey Wright

Over the weekend, Jeffrey Wright announced on Instagram that he was almost done filming Westworld Season 2. Thankfully, everything went according to plan, and the star has officially wrapped on set. Taking to Instagram, Wright shared the following post to commemorate the last day of his 6-month filming schedule:

The picture is a framed print out of his character’s name, followed by a short post that simply says, “Wrap that.” Since Bernard has a large role in the show, this likely means a great deal of the filming on Season 2 is completed. We don’t know for sure (of course), but given the upcoming release date, it’s fair to say a bulk of the principal photography is done.

  • Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood also took to Instagram, and shared a similar post. Although she did not confirm that she has wrapped filming, she’s probably close. However, she did emphasize the exhaustive nature of the 6-month production with a delightful photo:


It appears that all of Wood’s motor functions have ceased, but we can’t wait to see more of Dolores’ journey in Season 2! Hopefully, she will get all the rest she needs before the press tour begins. By the way, the fact that HBO shot the equivalent of ten moves in 6 months is bonkers!

  • Leonardo Nam

Back in December, Leonardo Nam, who plays Felix on Westworld, posted an picture from the Westworld Season 2 wrap party. The picture is delightful and features the lovely Evan Rachel Wood, along with a handsome gentleman in the background:

Most of the cast and crew wrapped around Christmas, but a few stars still had more scenes to complete. We assumed at the time that this post was confirmation that Nam was wrapped on Season 2, which still appears to be the case.

  • Katja Herbers

Newcomer Katja Herbers will debut as Grace in Westworld Season 2, and has already started interacting with fans on social media. Back in December, she sent a tweet confirming that she had already wrapped on Season 2:

We don’t know much about Herbers’ character, but we can’t wait to see her in show’s second season. Spring can’t come soon enough! In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated on all news relating to Westworld Season. Hopefully, we will learn more about Westworld Season 2 in the coming months.

Westworld Season 2 will premiere Spring 2018.

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