The Royal Mail launches its line of Game of Thrones stamps with new campaign


Just recently, the British Royal Mail unveiled a line of Game of Thrones-themed stamps to commemorate the HBO series’ “very significant British contribution.” There are 15 stamps in all, 10 of which feature your favorite human characters and five of which feature animals, creatures, and objects such as dragons, the Night King, and the Iron Throne. The stamps go on sale today — you can buy them here. HBO is celebrating with a fancy new video:

It’s like that time Bran sent ravens north of the Wall in “Eastwatch,” only far less foreboding.

On top of that, the stars took some time out of their busy season 8 filming schedules to pose with autographed copies of their stamps. #Meta

Emilia Clarke is rocking the Sunday morning relaxed look.

Kit Harington easily looks the most excited out of the group, a rarity for him.

We barely recognize Lena Headey without her blond locks.

A girl signs her name.

And if you’re wondering, yes, these photos have already been turned into memes:

"The prints that was promised. from freefolk"

In addition to the stamps themselves, various gift sets are available, ranging in price from £6.50  (including value tax added) to £55.65 (ditto). American fans should note that the stamps will not work here in the U.S., but that’s probably not the reason a lot of people will buy them anyway.

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