Westworld’s Delos Incorporated Website Brings The Chaos


If chaos is was you want, then chaos what you are going to get. At the DelosIncorporated.com site, HBO Westworld is ramping up the mayhem.

We are just a few months away from the Spring premiere of Westworld Season 2. The HBO marketing team is already kicking things off at the Delos Incorporated website. A recent addition under the Corp Resources section has a new download for everyone to check out. It looks like the hosts are on the rampage.

Over at the website, there’s a handbook for new employees that fans of the show may download. At first it looks like some ordinary reading for the new hires. But once you flip through the pages, you’ll quickly understand the meaning behind these violent delights have violent ends. Some of the pages are ripped. A few of the pages have blood stains. And one page even has bloody fingerprints. What is happening inside Delos?

Chaos At Delos Incorporated

[via Redditor leia_loves_cats]Look out, Westworld fans. Something strange is going on at Delos and it doesn’t look good. The Corporate Guidebook that is very much echoing the statements that showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have said about season two. If season one was about control, then season 2 will be about chaos. Even Evan Rachel Wood has mentioned on Twitter that next season will be focused on chaos.

What better way to wet our appetites then by releasing this little treat. As you read through the handbook, you get the sense that someone inside the building is trying to get a message out. The message is about the hosts taking control and there is no way to stop them. Even using the command “Cease all motor functions” is not working as stated by the unknown person who scribbled in this book.

Other Interesting Westworld Information

Outside of the cry for help, the guidebook does provide a general breakdown of the various divisions at Delos. It mentions the security team, forensics, and gives a chart of Dolores’ loop. If you want to continue with this unknown worker story, it points you in the direction of BeyondWestworld.com. Over there you can ask the chatterbot Aeden about the handbook. But don’t think it will provide any more clues. It simply responds with:

"“no guidebook will save you” and “Thank you for bringing this to my attention. As a future guest of the park, there’s no reason to concern yourself with the nuances happening behind the curtain. Please dispose of this guide as soon as possible, and the leak will be dealt with.”"

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Not exactly the response you want to hear when you are trying to help a scared person working at Delos. Westworld is not about finding things the easy way. Just look at all the obstacles Dolores had to overcome just find her own consciousness.

Westworld Season 2 will premiere Spring 2018.

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