The Game of Thrones production preps sets in Dubrovnik (King’s Landing)


While the majority of the Game of Thrones fandom stares agog at the action going down at the Winterfell set in Moneyglass, Northern Ireland, HBO has been quietly loading into Dubrovnik, Croatia, which has stood in for parts of King’s Landing since season 2. No other city save Belfast is as closely associated with the show. One look at the skyline and you know that’s King’s Landing:

"[NO SPOILERS] Dubrovnik in Croatia where Kings Landing is based. Taken on vacation from gameofthrones"

Multiple local outlets including The Dubrovnik Times, Dulist, and Dubrovački Dnevnik are posting images of the crew erecting sets and bringing in props. The images are mostly in Pile Bay in the shadow of Lovrijenac Fortress, which has previously stood in for the Red Keep.

Let’s take a look.

The red draping over this canopy is probably the most notable piece of set decoration. Cersei Lannister is still in charge of the city, after all, and the Lannisters like their red.

You may recognize this particular location from season 3, when Sansa and Shae watched boats go by in simpler times when ice zombies weren’t breathing down everyone’s neck.

Beyond that, props include barrels, coils of rope, wagons and a tetanus-tastic-looking iron railing of sorts; just you average medieval city set dressing.

Filming in Dubrovnik hasn’t started yet, but when it does, it’s expected to last only a short while and, according to The Dubrovnik Times, feature “many of of the main stars.” Stay tuned.

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