Season 8 filming: Massive new towers added King’s Landing set in Belfast


The Game of Thrones production has been building an enormous King’s Landing for months now, and no matter how long they work on it, it still keeps growing. Today, a report on a new feature.

Twitter’s own @a_red_priestess has some new images of the set, and has spotted a pair of towers going up at the main gate:

Here’s a closer look — the towers are on the left side of the set:

And here’s what that section of the set looked like way back when, before the towers were added:

And a view of the whole set as it is now, with the gate towers on the left and the completed watchtower on the right:

Other than the new towers, which still have some finish to be applied, that tower on the right is the most prominent feature of the set, and certainly the most complete:

Image: Oak Leaf Photography
Image: Oak Leaf Photography /

Per Watchers on the Wall, the gate towers are actually about 50% taller than the watchtower, despite how they look in the photos.

So the set is taking shape. We’ve got the gate on one end, a street with buildings on either side, and a watchtower on the other end. It is the biggest set the production has ever created.

Notably, Game of Thrones has never  built an outdoor set for King’s Landing before — it’s always been content to let European cities like Dubrovnik and Girona do the heavy lifting. This is also the first year it actually built towers at the Winterfell set in Moneyglass, Northern Ireland, rather than rendering them after the fact with CGI. Why is the crew going to the trouble this time? For that, you’ll have to risk exposure to SPOILERS.

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