Game of Thrones March Madness is coming


It’s March, and madness is coming. For the non-sports fans out there, each year, college basketball hosts a tournament between the 68 best teams. Only one will emerge a champion. Lst year, we got in on the fun with our own tournament. And we’re doing it again. Over the next few weeks, we’ll pit 64 of the greatest characters from Game of Thrones against each other, all of them on a quest to be crowned the fan favorite.

Pairs of characters will go up against each other in polls, with the winner advancing to a new match against a new character. What criteria should you use when voting? Anything you want. Think the Hound is funnier than Varys? Vote for the Hound. Think Varys is smoother than the Hound? Vote for Varys. Arya vs. Sansa, Cersei vs. Jaime, Bran vs. Bronn — who wins is up to you. Pick your favorites!

Voting periods will mirror the real world dates of the March Madness tournament, so get your votes in early and often. In some cases, voting periods will only last for 24 hours, while in others it may stay open for close to a week. Below is the complete schedule.

 First Round (64 characters): March 11-16th

 Second Round (32 characters): March 17-18th

 Regional Semis (16 characters): March 19th-23rd

 Regional Finals (8 characters): March 24-25th

 National Semis (4 characters): March 26th-31st

Nation Finals (2 characters): April 1st-April 2nd

We will unveil the the official bracket this Sunday. Last year, Littlefinger emerged victorious. Will the Lord of the Vale defend his crown, or will a new winner rise? It’s entirely up to you.

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