New pictures show the nearly finished King’s Landing set in Belfast


After five months of construction, it appears that the Game of Thrones production team has nearly finished work on the massive King’s Landing set at Titanic Studios in Belfast. And we have the pretty pictures to prove it.

Above, you can see the two main features of the set: the guard towers on either side of a broken gate, and a white tower further in. In between, the production has effectively build an entire city street, with buildings on either side.

Twitter user A Red Priestess snapped a few choice shots for our enjoyment:

Source: @A_Red_Priestess
Source: @A_Red_Priestess /

The guard towers continue to get more detailed.

Source: @A_Red_Priestess
Source: @A_Red_Priestess /

If we didn’t know this was a King’s Landing set, that tiled roof would certainly give it away.

Source: @A_Red_Priestess
Source: @A_Red_Priestess /

What might that wooden scaffolding on top of the towers be used for?

The King’s Landing set is the biggest the show has ever constructed, and cost a pretty penny to construct — £1million ($1.38 million), per the Belfast Telegraph. Perhaps that’s why, according to the Telegraph’s “on-set sources,” HBO plans to maintain it even after filming on season 8 is over, “using it as a tourist attraction and for movie projects.”

Fans would certainly appreciate having a set they can visit after the show is over, and with multiple Game of Thrones prequels in development, who’s to say HBO couldn’t use a ready-made castle set in the future? As for “movie projects,” word is that Disney will use Titanic Studios to film Star Wars movies after the Thrones team clears out, although we don’t know why they’d need a castle set. On the other hand, Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss are on tap to make “a new series of Star Wars films,” and it would make sense for them to want to return to their old stomping grounds.

Whatever they use it for, if they allow tourists to run around the ramparts of King’s Landing for years to come, we’ll be pleased.

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