Season 8 filming: Walkers at Magheramorne Quarry


The Game of Thrones production has been filming scenes in front of a giant green screen at Magheramorne Quarry in Northern Ireland for a couple weeks now, with all manner of interesting groups of people showing up. The ever-reliable Davy Orr, who’s been capturing lots of video of the set from a safe distance, has a new one for us: a line of extras marching purposefully forward in the night. Watch it below:

The two points of eerie red light are likely there for lighting purposes, by the way, not as a stand-in for anything within the world.

Anyway, although we can’t be sure what exactly is going on here, this shot reminds me of one of the opening moments of season 7: when the army of the dead, preceded by a wall of mist and led by White Walkers on horseback, marched inexorably towards the camera:

If we’re putting down money, my bet is on this being something similar; a line of wights or White Walkers making an intimidating show of force. It’s their unstudied amble — that’s how zombies move. What do you think?

Also of note is that the trebuchet that previously stood in front of the green screen…

…has been removed. You don’t need a siege weapon when your boss can throw ice javelins at the speed of sound, after all.

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