Game of Thrones is filming scenes in Italica (the Dragonpit) for longer than expected


Last week, we reported some details about when the Game of Thrones production will film scenes for season 8 at the Roman ruins of Italica, which fans know as the Dragonpit. We knew that the amphitheater — the area where all those characters gathered in the season 7 finale — would be closed off until May 2, that the whole city would be closed from May 3 to May 18, and that it would be back to partial closures until May 27. We assumed that filming would be happen from May 3 to May 18, when the whole area was closed to visitors. But Los Siete Reinos, reporting on an article from EFE, has revealed that there’s more to it than we thought.

Apparently, filming at Italica will begin on April 23 and last through May 19, meaning that the production will be shooting for nearly a month. For reference, the crew only spent a week there to film the Dany-Jon-Cersei summit in “The Dragon and the Wolf,” and that sequence lasted nearly half an hour. So it’s planning something big. But what?

One thing we can guess: if the production is filming both when the amphitheater is shut down and when the whole city is shut down, it’s going to shoot both in the amphitheater itself and the area around the amphitheater. Remember the bits from the season 7 finale where Tyrion and Bronn and Brienne and everyone were talking as they walked toward the Dragonpit? We should see more of that area.

If the Game of Thrones production plants itself anywhere for a straight month, it usually means a battle scene — little else takes that much time. But we haven’t heard anything about extras, and the logistics of shooting a battle in a historical site are dicey. It doesn’t mean we won’t see a fight here, but it might not be the kind we’re used to.

Another clue: after filming ends on May 19, the production will stick around for another eight days. Why the lingering? Is it going to build a complicated set it will have to dismantle? What do you guys make of this?

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