Season 8 SPOILERS: Go inside the massive King’s Landing set at Titanic Studios


After months of work, the Game of Thrones production finally looks ready to film on the enormous King’s Landing set it’s been building on a backlot at Titanic Studios in Belfast, if it isn’t shooting already. As you can see below, the front gate looks finished — they’ve even moved on to set dressing, covering the area in front of the gate with a dusting of fake snow:

The set consists of three basic sections. First, there’s the front gate, visible in the photos above. Then, there’s a street lined with buildings on either side. At the other end is the Red Keep.

Somehow, Belfast Live has obtained high-quality photos from inside the set itself. Let’s take a look. First, a view of some of the buildings from the other side of their facades:

Below, get a look at one of the man-made tunnels fans will get to visit once HBO is done filming on this set and leaves it up as a tourist attraction.

The attention to detail is remarkable. They couldn’t have found better in any actual city.

Finally, a view of the Red Keep itself, the approach hung with Lannister banners:

Sure, it’s more pink than red, but it’s hard to be underwhelmed if you keep in mind that HBO BUILT THE RED KEEP.

In terms of actual SPOILERS, the only new information we get here is that winter will be coming to KIng’s Landing in earnest, if that snow on the ground is any indication. But seeing it this up close and personal is a revelation in itself.

For further details of what’s in store for this beauty of a set, click here. We’re just glad it’s finally finished.

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