Pilou Asbæk (Euron): Game of Thrones season 8 will be “spectacular”

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We’ve got a pair of quick interviews to go over today, each given in a language other than English. Apologies in advance for terrible mistranslations.

Although this first one seems hard to mess up. While on the Spanish island of Mallorca, Pilou Asbæk (Euron Greyjoy) spoke to IB3TV about his projects, including Game of Thrones. “Usually, when we record the series, we need six months to do 10 episodes,” he said. “This time we needed 10 months to record six episodes. Honestly, I can promise that this season will be spectacular.”

Asbæk is familiar with Mallorca (“Mallorca has given me my best holidays, my first kiss, etc”), and was there for a family event. So we probably shouldn’t read anything in to the fact that the Game of Thrones production is currently revving things up in Italica, on the Spanish mainland.

Elsewhere, Emilia Clarke talked to Brazilian outlet O Globo about what it’s like to be “a walking spoiler.” Between her roles on Game of Thrones and in Solo: A Star Wars Story, she’s sitting on a treasure trove of secrets and has at this point accepted that everything she says or posts on social media will be scrutinized for clues. One way to get around that: create a fake account.

"This is my public account. I created another, very secret account in which post scenes from my life that are relevant or fun for me and my closest friends. I learned to live with the idea that secrecy is the soul of my business."

Not that she revealed anything specific, of course — the biggest clue we got about Game of Thrones was that Clarke was departing for Belfast the day after she gave this interview. But she did say that leaving Game of Thrones behind will “not be easy,” since she’s become close to so many people on set.

She also talked a bit about Qi’ra, the character she plays in Solo. Head here for more.

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