Westworld S2, E2 recap of Reunion: the last half hour

Westworld S2, E2 recap of Reunion: the last half hour. Chaos has taken control and the host rebellion shows no signs of slowing down. Here’s a partial recap of the last 30 minutes of the show.

Spoilers ahead! 

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james delos surveys sweetwater westworld

My. James Delos arrives in Sweetwater by helicopter. Mr. Delos is arguably the second biggest megalomaniac since William. The difference between these two, in my opinion, is that he’s willing to entertain an idea by someone who has big enough cojones to challenge him.

Before the town gets frozen in time we get a glimpse of Armistice in her previous role as the town’s Sheriff. James begins to survey all he owns. I draw a parallel between James and Walt Disney here. I picture Walt Disney walking around his ambitious park, checking the buttons on Mickey Mouse’s costume. They need to be perfect. Everything needs to be just so. James is also a perfectionist as most people in power tend to be.

James kicks his feet up and begins speaking to William. He says Logan is a fuck up of a son. William takes the opportunity to speak up and say that the guests are free here. Free of judgement and being watched. As we learned earlier on in the episode we know this not to be true. William says this is the only place you get to see people for who they really are.

And if James can’t see the business in that than he’s not the business man he thought he was. James takes a minute and then says William is a cheeky little… I’m not sure this is a word I can put in an article. Let’s just say it rhymes with ‘hunt’. William gulps. I’m sure he’s thinking ‘Oh shit. What did I just do.’ James says there’s not a man alive that’s talked to him like that. He walks up to William and says, to William’s relief that’s he’s willing to listen.

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In one of the most anticipated scenes we see Maeve walking through town on her way to find her daughter. Dolores says there’s a war out there and says they’ll have to fight to remain free. Maeve sees Dolores is not going to accept any other way of doing things but her own way and declines the offer of an alliance. Dolores has met her match.

We next see Dolores walk into a barn(?) filled with a gang of Confederados. It’s interesting they chose to use a striking visual shot which mirrors Da Vinci’s famous painting title ‘Last Supper’ We see Major Craddock in the middle of a large table flanked by his gang of Confederados. Dolores says she seeks a parle and suggest they join forces to achieve the glory Major Craddock seeks out in the Western parcel of land.

Of course this doesn’t go well and a gun fight ensues. After the Major is shot and killed, Dolores asks Phil (one of the techs she takes with her) to revive him. The Major is stunned and Dolores holds him steady saying they’ve toiled in God’s service long enough. She’s killed God. As you can imagine, this is a highly motivational and convincing maneuver for the Major.

westworld el lazo season 2 episode 2

William and Lorenzo arrive in the town of Santa Pariah and are immediately surrounded by the new El Lazo (Lorenzo was programmed in this character in Season 1) and his gang of Revolutionaries. William offers to take them out West and show him a treasures the likes of which he has never dreamed of. El Lazo refuses because he doesn’t need anything more than he already has.

William grabs him, says he’s going with or without him but needs his men. El Lazo refuses to command his men to follow William. ‘This game was meant for you William but you must play it alone.’ he tells him. And all at once the Revolutionaries put their guns to head heads and shoot themselves. El Lazo tells his he’ll see him in the valley beyond, grabs William’s gun and shoots himself in the head with it. William says he’ll find another way.


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