Bella Ramsey (Lyanna Mormont) will be in Game of Thrones season 8


Thank the Seven, Bella Ramsey is returning for Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season. Ramsey burst onto the scene during Game of Thrones’ sixth season, bringing the pint sized fireball that is Lyanna Mormont to life as she dressed down Jon, Sansa and Davos. And while we all assumed Lyanna would return, we’d had no official confirmation of her presence during season 8 filming… until now. Thanks to reliable fan site Watchers on the Wall, we can now safely say Lyanna Mormont will once again cast her withering stare upon hapless victims. Per Watchers, 

"Our sources inform us that Bella Ramsey, the prodigious young actress who first blew us away in season six, has been filming this week in Belfast."

Belfast is home Game of Thrones’ main filming hubs, Titanic Studios, and home to many of its sets, including that massive King’s Landing set we’ve watched being built for the past few months (only to be recently destroyed). Before you have visions of Lyanna rampaging through the streets of King’s Landing and then sitting on the Iron Throne though, remember that Titanic Studios is where most of the show’s interior shots are filmed, such as Lyanna’s epic speech naming Jon, King in the North. Meaning, Lyanna could be anywhere.

Emilia Clarke was also recently spotted in Belfast, but again before your heart soars at the thought of Lyanna staring down Daenerys, it doesn’t mean the pair will share a scene together. Of course it also doesn’t mean they won’t share a scene. Either way, we can all sleep soundly knowing that we’ll have one more season with the Lady of Bear Island before Game of Thrones rides off into the sunset. And that’s all we’ve ever really wanted.

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