Doctor Who Infinity: Tenth Doctor to feature in third episode!

We have brand new details for the third episode of Doctor Who Infinity, including pricing, release date and who it will feature: the Tenth Doctor and Rose!

Tiny Rebel Games recently revealed the third episode of their upcoming game, Doctor Who Infinity. Following on from The Dalek Invasion of Time and The Orphans of the Polyoptra, the first two episodes in the series, The Lady of the Lake will feature the Tenth Doctor.

Set during Series Two, the story features the Tenth Doctor and Rose in an adventure against the Ogrons. It will feature the voices of Celyn Jones as Geraint, Katy Manning as Delyth, and Marilyn Le Conte as the Lady of the Lake.

Writer and artists

Scott Handcock is the writer for the episode. Once again, like with the announcements for the other two episodes, this is very promising news. The writers for the first two episodes, George Mann and Gary Russell, are both veteran Doctor Who writers.

Scott Handcock is no exception. It isn’t just the fact that is he a very strong writer. He’s also worked on a variety of Doctor Who audios and spin-off series as both a producer and director.

Once again, we’ve got another writer who knows their Doctor Who inside and out. So we can be confidant that he’ll do a great job capturing the era of the Tenth Doctor and Rose.

(For a recent example of how strong he is as a Doctor Who writer, check out our review for the recent Fifth Doctor audio The Helliax Rift.)

Neil Edwards will be working on the artwork. Along with Marvel and DC comics, Edwards has also worked on Doctor Who for Titan Comics. Colorists John-Paul Bove and Dylan Teague have also worked on Doctor Who comics for either Titan or Doctor Who Magazine. With this combination, it looks like this will be another episode handled by Doctor Who veterans.

The Tenth Doctor and Rose will feature in the third episode of Doctor Who Infinity, The Lady of the Lake.
(Image credit: Doctor Who/BBC/Tiny Rebel Games.
Image obtained from: BBC Press.)

Launch and pricing

Doctor Who Infinity is currently due to be released on PC in August. The pricing for the PC release includes several options.

For the first two stories in one PC bundle, the pricing is $11.99 US , 9.29 GBP, or 9.99 Euro. For a large bundle that includes the first three episodes, pricing is $14.99 US, 11.99 GBP, or 12.49 Euro. And for just The Lady of the Lake or subsequent individual stories, pricing is $5.99 US, 4.79 GBP or 4.99 Euro.

This will be later followed by a release for iOS and Android later in the summer.

Are you curious about Doctor Who Infinity? Excited that the Tenth Doctor will feature? Are there any other Doctors you want to feature in Doctor Who Infinity? Let us know in the comments below.