Maisie Williams gets the most Arya Stark tattoo ever

Another day, another Stark sister gets a Game of Thrones-themed tattoo. After onscreen sister and offscreen best friend Sophie Turner (Sansa) said goodbye to the show with some ink

…Maisie Williams (Arya) looks like she’s set to one-up her. Williams revealed a preview of the tattoo on her Instagram account, although she didn’t mention mention where on her body she was getting it. Behold what looks like it will be the most Arya Stark tatto ever: the words “No One” in red ink.

Arya famously spent two seasons as the House of Black and White trying to become “No One” before rejecting the Faceless Men and returning to Westeros. Considering how much of Arya’s story is written in blood, the red ink is appropriate.

It looks like Williams went to the same celebrity tattoo artist as Turner, New York’s Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy. And before all of this, the pair of them got matching tattoos: “07.08.09,” the day the two of them were hired to be on Thrones.

UPDATE: An image of the new tattoo has hit the net:

Jaqen H’ghar approves.

Williams got two more tattoos while she was at it: a daisy, in honor of Daisy App, her new social media app for creatives; and the words “little rascal.”

A girl is no one for good.

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h/t Entertainment Weekly

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