Matching 50 Game of Thrones characters with 50 European countries

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We match 50 Game of Thrones characters with each of the 50 countries in Europe. Who’s matched up where, and why? Take a look!

The world of Game of Thrones is massive, and populated with dozens of different characters, each with their own distinct personalities. As it is our world, cultural differences abound between the many regions that makes up Westeros and Essos. It figures that a Dothraki, a Braavosi and someone from King’s Landing might not have that much in common.

Sometimes the world George R. R. Martin gets a little complicated. There are so many names and faces that it can be hard to keep them straight, but it provides a great place to play. We recently went through 50 of the characters and matched each of them up with one of the 50 U.S. states. We took into account every from state histories to exports to estate nicknames and mottos. This time, we’re expanding our horizons and matching 50 characters up with European countries; after all, pretty much every character on the show has a European accent, so this is a natural next step.

Think you can predict which European country the Lannisters would call home? Which area gets the honor of calling itself “Ned Stark Country?” Let’s kick things off with the smallest “country” on the map:

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