Iain Glen: The final episodes of Game of Thrones are “feature-length”


There are only six new episodes of Game of Thrones left. The closer we get to the premiere date, the more we learn about them, but some things remain unclear. For example, for years now, fans have been trying to suss out whether, because the final season will have fewer episodes than usual, the actual episodes themselves might be longer. Stopping by Lorraine on ITV to talk about his new BBC miniseries Mrs. Wilson, Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont) threw more fuel on the fire.

Host Lorraine Kelly brings up Game of Thrones towards the end of the interview, around the 5:50 mark. Watch below:

“April is when it’s all coming out,” Glen says. “They’ll be the last. And they’re all feature-length episodes, six of them.”

“It’s like six movies,” Lorraine says. “We’ll be watching six movies?” Glen’s reply: “Exactly, yeah.”

This is far from the first time this idea has popped up. Glen himself described the episodes as “feature-length” once before, and director David Nutter has said that all of the episodes will be over 60 minutes. “They’ll be dancing around the bigger numbers, I know that for sure.” Hell, sound designer Paula Fairfield dropped the “feature-length” descriptor when talking about the final season well over a year ago, at the first Con of Thrones. It’s out there.

As for what exactly “feature-length” means, we’ll have to wait until April to be sure. But the show has a lot of ground to cover and only a few episodes to do it, so at minimum we can expect the episodes to be longer than on your average cable drama.


Iron Throne Bookend by Noble Collection from Game of Thrones
Iron Throne Bookend by Noble Collection from Game of Thrones /

Iron Throne Bookend by Noble Collection from Game of Thrones

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Mrs. Wilson looks pretty interesting, too. It’s a three-part miniseries about the grandparents of star and producer Ruth Wilson, who plays her own grandmother.

Mrs. Wilson airs on BBC1.

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