Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth) says his best Game of Thrones memory is still to come

Game of Thrones star Liam Cunningham recently spoke to the Independent about working on the iconic series, and how he landed his role.

Over the course of eight seasons, there have been a lot of memorable moments on Game of Thrones, from heartwarming to heartbreaking to flat-out shocking. But what is Cunningham’s favorite scene? Promisingly, he said his best memory of the series has yet to come. Viva April!

One of the things Game of Thrones is best known for is the parade of character deaths. It’s a small miracle that Davos has lasted as long as he has, something Cunningham knows all too well. “I know!” he saids. “You couldn’t make any plans on this! You go with the story; and if they decide to dispense with you, you were gone.”

According to Cunningham, Davos is “the moral compass of Game Of Thrones“. Somehow he’s held onto his values despite being put in all kinds of ethically challenging situations. It’s pretty difficult to hate Davos, isn’t it? Cunningham feels like he can’t even compare himself to the character he plays. “If you are putting a rope around my neck, I’ll squeal like a little girl! I think he’d just take it on the chin.”

With Game of Thrones ending, Cunningham has many other things on his plate. Most recently, he traveled to South Sudan with a charity called World Vision. This particular charity raises awareness for those impacted by the country’s ongoing civil war.

Going to South Sudan was a major eye-opener. For people that don’t know it is the youngest country on the planet. So we kind of have a bit of responsibility to see that it is not wrecked.

Turns out Cunningham has some strong ties to Africa; he lived in Zimbabwe for over three years in the 1980s. The trip there was a the first time he’d ever been on a plane; it was a turning point in his life that eventually led him to acting. His time in Africa is also why he’s married to his wife of 34 years, because her home country wouldn’t give her a visa to go with him so the only way to do it was the marry her. Awww, what a story!

Cunningham also explained why he and his family never moved out to LA, even after Game of Thrones and he became semi-famous. “LA is the factory,” the said. “I don’t want to live in the factory. I like seasons as well.”

We look forward to seeing Cunningham as Davos one last time in season 8. Be sure to mark your calendars for the season 8 premiere on Sunday, April 14!

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