Take the Black Live: Are the season 8 episodes too short?

Welcome to Take the Black Live, the show where Cheryl Wassenaar of Culturess.com talk all things Game of ThronesA Song of Ice and Fire, fantasy, business, celebrity, socialism…whatever comes up, really.

At the moment, what’s up is most definitely the last season of Game of Thrones. Just recently, the internet dug up the runtimes for each of the final six episodes. Are they everything we want them to be? Let’s discuss!

UPDATE: After this news came out, HBO finalized the episode runtimes and revealed that they were longer than they first appeared, so…maybe watch around those parts.

Other topics include:

  • Who is the Night King, really? Word is that we’re finally going to get some clarity on that question, but what kind, and do we want it?
  • For the first time in a long time, George R.R. Martin has weighed in with his feelings about the plot of Game of Thrones overtaking A Song of Ice and Fire. Let’s read way too into his comments, shall we?
  • Kit Harington is hosting Saturday Night Live! They’re going all out to promote this little show of their’s, aren’t they?
  • If you were on the fence about buying in to Disney’s new streaming service, the company removed all doubt by announcing that their full catalog of movies would be available on it…and no where else, presumably. Time to give in.

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