Someone found the first of HBO’s hidden Iron Thrones—the next one is in “the North”

Just the other day, HBO announced a new marketing campaign to promote the final season of Game of Thrones: Quest for the Throne, which involves the network hiding six Iron Thrones around the world and challenging fans to find them. The first was hidden in a wood. Game of Thrones fans being the resourceful geniuses they are, it only makes sense that two of them found the throne in a day. They were rewarded with a nifty crown:

Wait, if you find these thrones you get a crown? The stakes just got real.

Anyway, HBO has released 360-degree video on the next throne, the “Throne of the North,” which is hidden somewhere snowy. Here it is at dawn…

…during the day…

…and at dusk:

That last one probably isn’t going to help anyone.

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The crown those two guys won for finding the throne in the wood looks a little like the one Robert Baratheon wore. Will whoever finds the Throne of the North get a simple circlet befitting a ruler from the North? That’d be cool. Vary the crowns, HBO.

At the moment of this writing, fans have 13 days and change to find this throne — you can see a live countdown at the Quest for the Throne website. Although if it goes like it did last time, the hunt will be over in, like, an hour.

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