See the Northern Lights glowing over this iconic Game of Thrones filming location

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO /

Game of Thrones is known for its many beautiful and breathtaking filming locations, which include areas of natural beauty in Iceland, Northern Ireland and Spain. In many of these places, you can take tours that will transport you right into the show’s most famous scenes. And if you can’t physically visit these places, you can still “ooh” and “aah” over the pictures.


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Case in point: Express recently talked to photographer Craig McDearmid about pictures he took of Iceland’s Kirkjufell, also known as the Witch’s Mountain. Game of Thrones fans may know it best as the mountain shaped like an arrowhead the Hound saw in the flames in “Dragonstone,” the same one he and the rest of his company eventually found beyond the Wall in the penultimate episode of season 7. Only when McDearmid snapped it, it looked like this:

That green otherworldly swirl is the Northern lights, a stunning natural phenomena. “Unbelievably, the clouds started to clear as soon as the sun went down,” McDearmid remembers. “You could see the aurora and it just got stronger and stronger. It just came off at that time, at that magical moment and we happened to be there to get it.”

“I’ve never seen that swirling formation before. I’ve never seen anything like that happen,” McDearmid continued. “You just get swept up into this magical world. It’s fairly euphoric to witness. It’s just awe-inspiring when it moves across the sky.”

Pretty spectacular, isn’t it?

This very same area was used in another Game of Thrones episode: “The Door,” aka the one where Hodor dies and everyone cries. That episode also highlights the waterfalls in the area, known as Kirkjufellsfoss:

Game of Thrones
Credit: HBO /

So if you’re ever itching to visit a Game of Thrones filming location, you now have a terrific option. Catch it at the right time and you also get a light show!

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