Isaac Hempstead Wright talks fan theories, his final day on set and life after Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones star Isaac Hempstead Wright is having one heck of a final season. Bran Stark was the breakout meme star the premiere episode, and just this past Sunday offered himself up as bait to lure the Night King out into the open so Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen can get a clear shot at the guy and hopefully end the Battle of Winterfell with as little loss of life as possible.

On Monday, Wright appeared on CONAN and talked to Conan O’Brien about a fan theory that just will not die: Is Bran actually the Night King?

First of all, props to Isaac for pulling off the “I’m wearing my pajamas with a sports coat” look. As for the fan theory, Wright didn’t say Bran wasn’t the Night King, which means he’ll probably be asked this question a few dozen more times before the final season is over.

Wright also revealed what he took home from the set on his last day of filming:

Kitchen utensils are what you get when you procrastinate, Isaac. Maybe the props department would be generous enough to send Bran’s wheelchair to his home. I mean, they sent Kit Harington his Jon Snow statue from the “Crypts of Winterfell” teaser before season 8 kicked off, so why not?

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Finally, Wright talks about how it’s hard to remember life before Game of Thrones and what life will be like after the show ends on May 19.

So, Isaac Hempstead Wright is going to go back to school to be a neuroscientist, and famed American neuroscientist David Eagleman is one of his idols. In other words, the guy playing the smartest character on the show was well cast.

Hopefully, the Night King — who looks nothing like Bran Stark, by the way — will steer well clear of Bran when Game of Thrones returns this Sunday for Episode 803. Prepare yourselves, all hell is about to break loose.

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