Doctor Who: Classic Series stories now free to watch on Pluto TV


Looking for an easy way to watch some of the deeper history of your favorite series? Pluto TV now has the perfect channel for you: Classic Doctor Who, now streaming for free!

US Doctor Who fans, you’ll want to know about this. Whether you’re a New Series fan that’s curious to discover some of the deeper history of the series, or whether you’re a Classic Series fan who wants an easier way of re-watching some of your favorite stories, you’ll surely be happy about this news.

Pluto TV, a free streaming TV series in America, now has a channel dedicated to showing the Classic Series. The channel currently has access to over 200 episodes, which is quite a substantial amount. It’s not as much as what BritBox has, but it’s definitely an excellent place to start if you want to check out the older Doctors.

The classic Tom Baker story The Deadly Assassin is just one of the many stories that Doctor Who fans can enjoy on Pluto.

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Highlights to look forward to

There are a number of excellent stories that fans can expect to check out. Fans of Sixties television can look forward to The Dalek Invasion of Earth, a major story for the First Doctor and his granddaughter Susan.

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Fifth Doctor fans can look forward to Cyberman story Earthshock, which really lives up to the name, and The Caves of Androzani, which not only tops our list of the show’s best regeneration stories, but is arguably one of the greatest Doctor Who stories ever.

However, I’m sure the Doctor that most of you are keen to watch or re-watch is the absolutely iconic Tom Baker, and there are definitely some genuine classics that fans can look forward to watching. These include The Ark in Space (which kickstarted this writer’s love of horror) and The Deadly Assassin, set on the Doctor’s home planet, Gallifrey.

The channel has been created as the result of a licensing pact between Viacom and BBC Studios. There’s a great deal of other content that Pluto TV has access to as a result of this pact, including other Saturday night favorites such as Primeval and Robin Hood.

Right now, this channel is exclusive to US viewers. But we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out if this ever changes.

You can watch Classic Doctor Who on channel 77 here at Pluto TV.

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Will you be watching the Classic Series on Pluto TV? Any stories you’re hoping to discover or re-watch? Let us know in the comments below.