Blood Moon filming: A weirwood tree grows in Belfast


On-location shooting on HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel series Blood Moon continues in Gaeta, Italy this week, where cast members like Naomi Watts pose with fans between filming the top-secret show.

While that’s happening, we thought we’d spotlight a feature of the man-made set in Belfast, Northern Ireland: a big ol’ weirwood tree.

We’ve seen loads of photos taken at Titanic Studios, including what appears to be the entrance to a cave system — this show looks like it’ll be big on caves. You can also see the top of a large weirwood tree peeking over the crates and normal trees that surround the set:

As you can see, the weirwood appears to be standing at the mouth of the cave set. From this distance, it’s hard to know if they’re intended to be part of the same location, but if you ask me, everything about this has the trappings of a gathering place for the Children of the Forest, who were more numerous during the time this show is set and are demonstrably fond of both caves and weirwood trees.


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If you’ll remember, on Game of Thrones, a group of Children literally lived in a cave under a weirwood tree — that’s where Bran, Summer, Hodor and the Reeds found the the Three-Eyed Raven.

I wonder if the one on the Blood Moon set is the same tree, but thousands of years earlier. Stay tuned.

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