A Song of Dan and Josh: Tyrion V


It’s time for another episode of A Song of Dan and Josh, the show where myself — someone who’s read the Song of Ice and Fire books far too many times — and FanSided editorial director Josh Hill — who’s only ever seen Game of Thrones — talk through each and every chapter of George R.R. Martin’s as-yet unfinished magnum opus. And away we go!

This week, we’re hitting “Tyrion V” from A Clash of Kings, wherein the littlest Lannister continues to play the game of thrones like Beethoven plays a piano. Rock on, Tyrion.

Really, this is probably the height of Tyrion’s powers, at least so far. He strategizes about the use of wildfire in the city’s defenses, takes in the ravings of a mad prophet, and most impressively, gets Cersei to agree to shipping her own daughter away to Dorne.

The Tyrion-Cersei interaction is the best part of the chapter, I think. The two of them almost have a tender sibling moment, and Cersei may have some points about Tyrion not at least consulting her before marrying off Myrcella. What does this scene tell us about Cersei’s character, the role of women in Westeros, and Tyrion’s status as a good guy?

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