Doctor Who: Series 12 to open with the show’s “biggest episode”?

Chris Chibnall has revealed a few details about Series 12 – including the fact that it might open with one of the biggest episodes in Doctor Who history…

The hype for Series 12 of Doctor Who is really heightening up this month, and we’re getting a lot of promising news as a result. Particularly when it comes to the opening episode, it seems. Along with the news that Stephen Fry and Lenny Henry will be appearing, Chris Chibnall has teased a few new details. And it sounds like it’ll be a major one.

It’s big. It’s the biggest episode we’ve done, and it might be the biggest episode the show has done. Lots of action, a lot of fun.

That’s quite a bold statement. We’ve had some pretty major stories in Doctor Who over the years, after all. We’ve had regeneration stories, we’ve had Doctors meeting each other, and we’ve had companions die.

Perhaps the biggest episode we’ve had was the fiftieth anniversary’s The Day of the Doctor – not only did we find out about a previously unknown Doctor, but the Doctors even saved Gallifrey! That’s about as big as you can get! So what could be so huge that it’s possibly “the biggest episode the show has done”?

The Judoon are returning in Series 12! But who else can we expect to make a comeback?
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Monsters old and new

Chibnall has also teased details of what we can expect from Series 12 in general.

The thing is with Doctor Who, you’ve got to hit all of the notes… We’ve definitely got some bigger action set pieces. We’ve got some old monsters coming back. We’ve got some really brilliant new monsters. And there’s a little thread trickling through.

I’m very happy to hear that old monsters will be returning. I think one of my key complaints about last year’s series was that very few of the villains or monsters truly stood out. Even Tzim-Sha felt a little bland, and he was partly (although not directly) responsible for the death of a companion’s wife!

We know that the Judoon are returning at least, but it sounds like there are more familiar monsters to expect this series. And we may have a good idea of what one or two of those monsters are…

Regardless, it sounds like there could be a lot to be excited about regarding Series 12. But will the series live up to that promise? We can’t wait to find out.

What do you think is the reason for Series 12’s opening episode being so big? Which monsters are you hoping to see this series? Let us know in the comments below.