The Last Kingdom star teases season 4 premiere date


Happy new year, arselings! 2019 has ended, and with a new decade upon us, The Last Kingdom star Alexander Dreymon, aka Uhtred son of Uhtred, is on hand to wish all the fans a happy new year while thanking them for their continued support. At least we think so, it was hard to hear while staring into those eyes. Here’s the video!

While we could stare into Dreymon’s eyes all day, we’ve also got a bit of news from fellow cast member Adrian Bouchet, who plays the fearsome Steapa. But first, Bouchet wanted to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas:

Was Christmas really only a week ago? Seems like longer than that.

At any rate, Bouchet also reiterated his belief that season 4 will air sometime next summer on Netflix while responding to a comment on a different post:

“When does it air on Netflix Adrian?” asks one commenter. “Watched it over 6 times now.” We can relate. Responded Bouchet:

"Next summer some time I believe."

We’re not sure we can wait until summer, but if it must be, it must be. Destiny is all, as they say.

Elsewhere, Emily Cox (Brida) said goodbye to 2019 while possibly sharing an image of her character from season 4:

The out-of-focus look of the shot, plus Brida’s hairstyle, make us think that Cox may have taken this shot while doing ADR work. Costar Eliza Butterworth (Aelswith) did something similar and gave us a look at a new page of dialogue. 

Finally, getting started on his New Year’s resolutions right away, Mark Rowley (Finan) hit the gym with his mum, which is totally adorable:

Hopefully season 4 lands in the early part of the summer, at least. Whatever happens, we’re excited for the continued adventures of Uhtred and friends!

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