Danes and Saxons mass for battle on the set of The Last Kingdom season 4


The Last Kingdom finished filming its fourth season this past fall, and as we eagerly await the return of the medieval Netflix drama (rumored to be coming back this summer), the cast and crew are doing their best to keep us entertained.

Case in point: Tygo Gernandt (Jackdaw) has shared a pair of Instagram videos that take us behind the scenes during filming on a battle sequence. Check it out, arselings!

First up, we get a look at the smoke machine production uses to give battles that certain amuse-bouche, before Gernandt pans across the field to the group of Saxons his Danes will be facing. Is Uhtred among them? It’s hard to tell.

We do see Cnut (Magnus Bruun) practicing his sword skills as Gernandt continues to pan the camera. When we talked to the actor a while back, he did tease more battles on the way, and here’s the footage to prove it.

Anyway, Gernandt keeps the camera moving and we catch a glimpse of Emily Cox (Brida) surrounded by a group of crew members. Last we saw these two Danish warriors they were allied in more ways than one, but seeing as how Cnut had a hand in Ragnar’s death, that alliance is on thin ice.

Gernandt’s second video isn’t as revealing, but we’re not going to turn down more behind-the-scenes battle footage:

We can see the gathered Danish and Saxon forces above, but it’s hard to make out anyone specific in the crowd. It does appear that the Saxons are outnumbered, however. Hopefully they have a trick up their sleeve. Or an Uhtred.

Speaking of, Bruun shared a photo from the beginning of production on season 4 when himself, Alexander Dreymon (Uhtred) and Adrian Bouchet (Steapa) sat down for the table read:

Somehow we doubt they’ll be as happy to see each other onscreen.

Moving on, Bouchet shared an image of the lady he serves: Aethelflaed (Millie Brady).

Is that the same field as the one where the battle in the videos is happening?

Keep the images and videos coming, everyone! Destiny is all!

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