Norman Reedus: Daryl and Carol “[don’t have] the same relationship anymore”

Remember in early episodes of The Walking Dead season 10, when Daryl and Carol would fantasize about riding away from all their troubles? Well, unfortunately, in recent episodes things started to crumble (literally) and now actor Norman Reedus (Daryl) tells Entertainment Weekly that he thinks Daryl and Carol’s relationship is “not the same anymore.”

Both Carol and Daryl are fan favorite characters on the AMC drama, as well as being the longest-surviving survivors on the team. We always look forward to their scenes together. However, Reedus says that as much as Daryl has tried, Carol just doesn’t care anymore. “We went through the whole season with me having her back as I always do,” he said. “But she’s just gone rogue. She’s doing her own thing and she’s getting people hurt. She’s getting people killed and she doesn’t care.”

Of course, Carol’s adopted son Henry was brutally killed by Alpha last season, which might explain some of her recent behavior. Reedus said Carol’s anger is similar to what we saw with Rick Grimes when he lost his son Carl. “It’s very similar to the story that we told with Andy before Andy left that just this blind rage that losing his son had.”

He was making decisions for everybody and pretty much everybody was against his decisions. Nobody agreed with him. And he was getting people hurt. The death of Carl just put him under this thing and he wanted to connect these two groups— this good group and this bad group. He wanted to connect them ‘cause that’s what Carl wanted in the end. And nobody agreed with him. Carol’s storyline is very similar to that one. Her son was beheaded by this Alpha and she just sees red. She’s making poor decisions.”

And no decision of Carol’s was so poor as the mistake she made in the latest episode, “Squeeze.”  After Alpha trapped our characters in a cave by Alpha, they spent the episode trying to find a way out. Eventually, when they’re about to make an escape, Carol uses dynamite to take out a horde of walkers in there with them. But the cave crumbles and collapses, crushing Magna and Connie.

“She’s like, ‘Just say it, just tell me, tell me I’m a f— up,’” Reedus said. “I’m so pissed, but I won’t even give her that satisfaction. But, then again, in true Daryl form, I’m like, I won’t give up. I’m going to go find a way back into this death trap. But the relationship is definitely not the same relationship anymore.”

You can see how Daryl and Carol’s relationship unfolds in new episodes of The Walking Dead season 10, airing Sundays on AMC.

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