Behold our official Fandom Madness bracket, including our updated schedule!

Earlier this week, we announced a new March Madness-style tournament to determine fandom’s favorite characters in sci-fi and fantasy. Now, it’s time to reveal our official bracket!

But before we get to that, there’ve been a few changes. Originally, we were going to follow the schedule of the actual March Madness tournament, but that’s been cancelled over the spread of the Coronavirus. So we’re switching to a more streamlined schedule, listed below:

Round 1 — Monday, March 16  through Tuesday, March 17
 Round 2 — Wednesday, March 18, through Thursday, March 19
Sweet 16 — Friday, March 20, through Sunday, March 22
Elite 8 — Monday, March 23, through Tuesday, March 24
Final Four — Wednesday, March 25, through Thursday March 26
Championship Round— Friday, March 27, through Sunday March 29

For each new round, voting will last from 10:00 a.m. CST until 10:00 p.m. CST the following day. All the voting will go down in Twitter polls, which we will embed in each new post.

With that out of the way, behold our official Fandom Madness bracket!

All of your favorites are here, from Iron Man to Daenerys Targaryen to Gandalf and well beyond. And “favorite” is the key word here. When voting, it’s not a contest of strength, wit or resources. This is all about choosing your favorite character, so don’t let him, her, them or they down!

Personally, I’m interested to see if John Wick can take out Black Panther. Any matchups stand out to you? Ultimately though, it all comes down to you, the fan. Vote, and rally your friends to do the same. We’re all gonna be locked in our houses next week anyways!

Next: Round One of Fandom Madness is here—Vote for your favorite!

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