Let’s break down the trailer for The Last Kingdom season 4, shot by shot

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The trailer for the fourth season of Netflix’s The Last Kingdom has arrived, and its as big and brash and battle-bound as fans could hope. The trailer clocks in at one minute and four seconds with around 74 shots, including four graphic cards. It’s an exciting glimpse at the new season loaded with action and characters both familiar and new, with a dash of the developing Uhtred/Aethelflaed romance sprinkled in.

The official description of The Last Kingdom season 4 reads: “As one young king rises, another falls–as Uhtred’s gaze finally turns back to the ancestral home that was stolen from him so long ago.”

It looks like the team had plenty of production budget to spend this season. The trailer shows off battles, cavalry charges and sieges. You’ll also notice there’s an emphasis on the Uhtred/Finan friendship and our female characters in fighting form.

Alright, let’s walk through this trailer shot-by-shot and see what we can see!

A wide shot of a large town, probably Winchester, the royal seat of Wessex. “I’ve lost my home,” Uhted says in voiceover.

Uhtred walks through sun-drenched fields, contemplating the future.

A finger taps. We’re now sure whose finger, though the signet ring might suggest a noble, royal or religious leader.

Edward, king of Wessex, sees difficult times ahead for the kingdom. “I’ve lost my name,” says Uhtred.

Uhtred’s famous sword is placed upon a table.

Uhtred looks at one of his best buddies, Finan.

“I’m no longer Uhtred of Bebbanburg,” Uhtred says. Knowing Uhtred and his obsession to retake his ancestral home, this is a big statement from him.

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