Here’s how to join in the virtual Doctor Who singalong!

The Doctor Who fandom deserves a reward when things have gotten back to normal. They are singlehandedly keeping the spirits of millions uplifted. Between the virtual watch parties, new short stories from showrunners, and even brand new scenes featuring veterans of the cast, there’s a ton going on to keep Whovians occupied and happy.

And if you thought they were done, you’ve got another thing coming. Apparently, there is now going to be a virtual Doctor Who singalong! Guitarist, composer and Whovian Borna Matosic is going to be covering “The Long Song” online. In case you’re unaware or don’t recall the song, it’s from the season 7 episode “The Rings of Akhaten.” You may remember it as the never-ending song, or as the Eleventh Doctor put it, the “lullaby without end.”

But Matosic needs something to make the song complete: a choir. And this is where the fan community comes in. The idea, as laid out by Emiliy Cook of Doctor Who Magazine below, is for fans to record themselves singing the vocal part of the song and then send their audio file to an email address specially made for this project. Then, soon enough, Matosic will unveil the completed cover:

And here are Matosic and Cook explaining the process on video:

Just in case you haven’t heard Matosic’s work already, take a peek below. Spoiler alert: It’s amazing!

Once again, kudos to the Doctor Who community doing so much to spread cheer during this difficult time.

And here’s one more bit of cheer before we go. Back in 2007, both David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor) and Catherine Tate (Donna Noble) participated in the 2007 Comic Relief sketch where Tate played a character named Lauren Cooper, an obnoxious, rule-defying teenager. Tennant was her English teacher in the sketch, but given his thick Scottish accent, Lauren wasn’t convinced he could do the job.

So why are we bringing this up? Well, the BBC will be hosting a special Big Night In which Tate will return to the role of Lauren Cooper with Tennant coming back as her teacher!

Sure, it’s not exactly Doctor Who related, but close enough. The episode will air on BBC One on April 23.

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