This year’s Doctor Who holiday special was filmed before production shut down

We can all breath a collective sigh of relief, Doctor Who fans: Speaking with Radio Times, series star Mandip Gil (Yaz) said that this year’s holiday special, “Revolution of the Daleks,” was filmed before the coronavirus basically shut down Hollywood. “I think I’m allowed to say, yes, the festive special has been filmed,” she said “It was absolutely pure luck we happened to have filmed it.” This is music to my ears!

As every Whovian knows, Doctor Who’s holiday specials are always something to look forward to. (Remember 2012’s “The Snowmen”?) They’ve become a cherished franchise staple.

Now, just because “Revolution” is filmed doesn’t mean it’s ready to go. The post-production team may still have to edit the episode and add in some special effects. Luckily, there is still time before the episode needs to air, so even working from home in the midst of the pandemic, hopefully the crew can get it done.

And if you’re looking for other new Doctor Who content between now and the holidays, this next bit may interest you. Audio drama producer Big Finish has recruited some Doctor Who veterans to record an all-new story, all of it recorded from the safety of their homes.

Starring Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, Louise Jameson as Leela and John Leeson as K9, we will the new adventure is called “Shadow of the Sun.” It releases on May 12.

The Doctor Who fandom has been terrific at coming up with things to entertain fans during the this time of social distancing, with this just being the latest of many examples. Check out the synopsis below:

After an accident, the TARDIS lands on a luxury star-liner. Leaving their ship to repair itself, the Doctor, Leela and K9 find themselves facing a great terror: mingling at a cocktail party.

Something seems awry behind the pleasantries however. Guests are going missing, and equipment is breaking down. When the Doctor investigates further he discovers that the star-liner is literally on course for disaster.

But no-one seems surprised by this information, still less troubled. What’s going on? And can the Doctor and his friends save everyone… when nobody wants to be saved?

Goosebumps, folks, goosebumps! Plus, this is Tom freaking Baker we’re talking about.

I. can’t. wait.

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h/t Digital Spy, Radio Times