Gorgeous illustrations from the new edition of A Storm of Swords


Gary Gianni illustrates scenes from A Storm of Swords in a new edition coming to bookshelves soon. Get a preview!

While A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin continues to make progress on The Winds of Winter, Penguin Random House is making ready a new illustrated edition of A Storm of Swords, the most eventful book the series. I mean, this is the book that brought us Daenerys Targaryen’s sack of Astapor…

Image: Gary Gianni/Penguin Random House

…Jaime and Brienne’s fight against a bear…

Image: Gary Gianni/Penguin Random House

…and of course, the Red Wedding:

Image: Gary Gianni/Penguin Random House

All of these images were just shared on Martin’s Not a Blog. As you can tell, this new edition is illustrated, with art by the splendidly talented Gary Gianni, who’s worked on Westeros-centric projects before. Clearly he has a flair for it. I love the Stark (no pun intended, I swear), etching-like quality to these illustrations, and those who have only watched Game of Thrones may enjoy seeing how these scenes are a little different in the books. For example, in this version, Catelyn kills the fool Jinglebell rather than old Walder’s wife at the Red Wedding.

The hardcover version of A Storm of Swords: The Illustrated Edition goes on sale November 3, but you can pre-order a copy here.

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