Yep, [REDACTED] is returning for Spider-Man 3, too


All our guesses about Tom Holland’s third Spider-Man movie are coming true. It’s getting crowded in there and we love it.

Let’s get this out of the way up front: there are massive SPOILERS in the post below. Unless you want to know what happens in Marvel and Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man movie, proceed at your own risk.

The more we learn about Spider-Man 3, the more our eyebrows raise. Of course Tom Holland is returning as the title character, but the actors he’s going to be performing with…

First came the news that Benedict Cumberbatch would appear in the movie as Doctor Strange. That wasn’t so outlandish; Peter Parker needs a new father figure now that Tony Stark is gone, and they already have a pre-established relationship.

Things got interesting when we learned that Jamie Foxx would return as the villain Electro, who fought against Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And then, just earlier today, we got word that Alfred Molina would return as villain Doctor Octopus, who fought against Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man way back in 2004’s Spider-Man 2.

Obviously, the movie is setting up for some kind of multiverse adventure, which makes sense, what with Doctor Strange hanging around. But it’s one thing to have former Spider-Man villains; what about the former Spider-Men? Would Garfield and Maguire show up?

According to Collider, Garfield is definitely in, with Sony and Marvel trying to close a deal with Maguire. What’s more, apparently Kirsten Dunst will return as Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker’s girlfriend from the Maguire movies, and Collider expects Emma Stone to return as Gwen Stacey, from the Garfield ones.

So this is just gonna be a big Spider-Man party, a live-action version of Into the Spider-Verse with different generations of actors fans have gotten to know over the course of decades!

At the moment, the untiled Spider-Man 3 is set to come out on December 17, 2021. Y’know, there’s been talk that Marvel movies might not be the big deal they were now that Thanos has been defeated, but with ambitious film like this, I don’t really see them slowing down.

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