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The character of River Song has been a favorite among Doctor Who fans ever since her first appearance alongside David Tennant in the 2008 classic Silence in the Library, and then going on to play an integral role in the show during Steven Moffat’s time as showrunner. However, River hasn’t been seen since “The Husbands of River Song” all the way back in 2015, and actress Alex Kingston thinks it’s about time the Thirteenth Doctor met her wife!

Speaking to, Kingston said it would be “a great shame” if River and the Thirteenth Doctor didn’t meet, having already planned out how her character should greet her old flame. “I’m open to anything. I don’t have an idea about how we should meet or anything like that. But I would like River to meet her and plant a big, fat kiss on her!”

Current showrunner Chris Chibnall became more open to bringing back older elements of the series during his second season, with the return of Captain Jack Harkness in particular pleasing fans. However, with rumors that season 13 will be lead actor Jodie Whittaker’s final turn as the Doctor, time could be running out for another big reunion.

The continuing adventures of River Song

While any talk of River Song meeting Thirteen may at this point be a fantasy, the character has been busy meeting many other Doctors for Big Finish Productions, with Alex Kingston having reprised her role across eight series’ of audio plays for the company. In addition to having her own series, River has made appearances alongside David Tennant, Paul McGann, Tom Baker and others.

Beyond that, Alex Kingston has written a new novel featuring the character for BBC Books. The Ruby’s Curse will feature River’s detective alter-ego Melody Malone as seen in “The Angels Take Manhattan” and the 2012 book The Angel’s Kiss.

Inspired to write the novel thanks to the “fantastic fan community,” Kingston has promised fans that they won’t be disappointed with this version of River Song. “The most important thing is that it’s her voice, and keeping her naughtiness, her sort of desire to just get out and have an adventure, her irreverence – but also her connection,” the actor said. “I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but she also thinks a lot about her parents. So about Amy and Rory… there’s that ability to show a little bit more of a reflective side.”

Kingston seems to have certainly enjoyed her time writing the book, saying she’d “love to do more” if the fan reaction is positive. She also confirmed that there’s no end in sight yet for her adventures with Big Finish. “I think we’ve still got lots more River adventures in the bag there.”

The Ruby’s Curse will be released by BBC Books in July and is available to pre-order now, while the further adventures of River Song are all available from Big Finish. Doctor Who itself will return to BBC America in the US and BBC One in the UK with Series 13 sometime later this year.

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