It looks like [SPOILER] will also appear in Thor: Love and Thunder

Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and the rest of the cast of Thor: Love and Thunder are currently hard at work in Australia making the fourth Thor film, which will be a follow-up to 2017’s critically acclaimed Thor: Ragnarok. That’s a high bar for the movie to clear, but director Taika Waititi seems up to the challenge. We’ve seen some pretty crazy things happening on the set of the movie, and suspect there will be even more surprises in the finished product.

In fact, we may have caught wind of a new one. published a photo of Waititi, Hemsworth and Portman all watching a football game (that’s soccer to us Americans) in Australia while taking a break from shooting. And there was a surprise guest in the box…

Read no further if you want to avoid SPOILERS!

It looks like Jeff Goldblum (the Grandmaster) will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder

Yep, taking in the game alongside Waititi and the cast was none other than Jeff Goldblum, who played the Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok. The ruler of the trash planet of Sakaar, the Grandmaster delighted in pitting people against each other in gladiatorial contests, including Thor and Hulk. In the end, the gladiators started a revolution and overthrew him. The Grandmaster ended the movie by confronting angry members of the populace, stripped of his power.

What happened next? Well, if Goldblum is hanging with the cast and crew of Thor 4, we’ll probably find out. Mind you, this isn’t a guarantee: Goldblum could be in Australia for another reason and just tagging along to the game with his old friends from Thor: Ragnarok.

But also, there are lots of reasons to bring the Grandmaster back, even if only for a brief cameo appearance. The character was funny, in no small part because Jeff Goldblum was playing him. Of course Waititi would want him back!

Personally, I’m basically taking this as proof that Goldblum’s Grandmaster will pop up at some point in Thor: Love and Thunder. What do you think?

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