Sadie Sink “really happy” with Max’s storyline in Stranger Things season 4

It’s been over two years since we’ve had a new season of Stranger Thingsand the wait for season 4 is getting quite unbearable. It looks like we’ll be hitting the three-year mark before we get new episodes, which premiere in the summer of 2022. Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait!

Speaking to Elle, Sadie Sink, who plays the spunky Max, talked about the upcoming season, or rather tried to avoid talking about it. She said that she “honestly cannot say anything,” but is feeling optimistic about where Max’s story is going.

I’m really happy with where Max’s storyline went for season four. I think you see a different side of her that I’m really excited to share with everyone.

Girl, we are excited too!

What happens in Stranger Things season 4?

Netflix has released a handful of teasers for Stranger Things season 4, so even if the actors aren’t willing to spill, we do have some info. We know that Sherriff Hopper (David Harbour) is back,  for instance, and somehow in Siberia. (I’m convinced that it’s not actually him and some kind of clone version of him that was created after he went into the Upside Down, but that’s just the conspiracy theorist in me talking.)

I think what most of us are looking forward to is seeing the entire cast back together. They have such fun chemistry on and offscreen, and Sink confirms that their friendship is the real deal. “It’s always a fun time with this cast,” she said. “We’ve got a really good group of people. This cast is like my family at this point. We’ve been working together for so long so it’s really nice, especially during the pandemic, just really appreciated being able to be in person with one another, and working together, and just enjoy filming together.”

I cannot wait for Stranger Things season 4, so summer 2022 can’t get here soon enough! Until then, you can catch Sink in Taylor Swift’s directorial debut, a 10-minute music video for her song “All Too Well.”

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