Website imagines what Disneyland would be like if it was run by A24

Florence Pugh in Midsommar - Courtesy A24/Gabor Kotschy
Florence Pugh in Midsommar - Courtesy A24/Gabor Kotschy /

Since its launch a decade ago, indie entertainment company A24 has transformed into a brand that many filmmakers, film critics, and actors want to be a part of. Known for some of the best — and arguably strangest — movies and shows of the last 10 years, people know by now that once you see that A24 logo on something, it’s worth at least reading more about.

In recent years especially, A24 has developed a passionate following, with its fanbase donning t-shirts and hats with the simplistic logo and discussing its titles non-stop on social media and the very active A24 subreddit. With frightening movies like Midsommar and The Witch, along with heart-wrenching dramas such as Moonlight and Waves, it’s not hard to understand why people love this company so much.

Enjoy the day at A24 Land with this interactive website

And that adoration for A24 can be proved with an awesome website that just popped up, showing what an amusement park like Disneyland would be like if it was run by the distribution company. Per The A.V. Club, the site, called, features illustrations by Cristina Spanò and includes super-creative takes on Disney rides and activities. Here’s the gist of it, summarized by the opening page on the website:

"In 1955, Walt Disney channeled the magic of his movies into a theme park and set a standard for family-friendly entertainment. So what if you applied the same formula to a studio with a bit more grit? Welcome to A24 Land, with thrills and chills you won’t find at the Magic Kingdom."

When you head into the interactive website, you can select different rides, shops, and even a food truck all inspired by A24 movies. For example, the May Queen’s Twisted Maypole is a carousel ride inspired by Midsommar, and the Freaky Florida Smash & Grab game is a nod to Spring Breakers. There are even fun items you can pick up around the park, such as a bottle of acid Sprite from Good Time and a one-way helicopter ride pass from Uncut Gems.

This is such a fun treat for A24 fans, who are still celebrating the success of one of the brand’s latest films, Everything Everywhere All At Once. It’s without a doubt one of the best movies of the year so far and is getting tons of critical acclaim, not to mention becoming now the highest-grossing A24 movie of all time at the domestic box office!

To enjoy some fun at A24 Land, head to the website here.

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