New details about Netflix’s Horizon Zero Dawn show emerge


Last month we learned that Netflix and Sony were developing a show based on the best-selling Horizon video game franchise, which includes Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. Set in a post-apocalyptic United States filled with robotic animals and dinosaurs, Horizon tells a twisty science fiction story that spans generations and has captivated millions of gamers around the world. It’s no surprise that a company like Netflix, which has already developed  video game properties like ArcaneResident Evil and Castlevania, would also jump at the chance to adapt Horizon.

Details on the show have been pretty much nonexistent since that first announcement, but now we’re starting to get our first ideas about what the Horizon show might entail. It’s both very exciting and a little nerve-wracking owing to how solid Horizon’s story is in the games. Netflix has a bit less room to mess around with things in this one than it did in, say, Arcane, which was largely based off of in-game lore from League of Legends and not actual events players experienced.

Horizon 2074 is the working title of Netflix’s Horizon show reports that, earlier this month, industry insider Jeff Grub revealed on his podcast that the working title for Netflix’s Horizon show is Horizon 2074. He also reported that the show would heavily feature plot elements set during the titular year, as well as some in the far future setting of the games. Horizon Zero Dawn takes place centuries after a robot apocalypse wiped out nearly all life on Earth, with humans returned to life in various tribes that hunt the robot animals for parts and survival. The events that led to the apocalypse are something the games delve into, but if Netflix is actually going to flesh them all out and make a proper show out of them, it could be pretty cool.

The report got a bit more steam today, as Grub also pointed out on Twitter that the website for the Directors Guild of Canada Ontario features a list of crew members slated to work on Horizon 2074. Among them are Jack Boem (The Boys, What We Do in the Shadows), Adam Bocknek (The Boys, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City), Michele Brady (The Expanse, Warehouse 13) and more.

At this rate, it’s only a matter of time until Netflix gives us some solid info. If the show is going to primarily cover events before society collapsed, it could make the show more of a companion piece to the game series than a proper adaptation, which for my money would be a good call. I want to see a Tallneck on screen as much as anyone, but Aloy and her story have been so vividly realized in the games that it’s hard to imagine a screen adaptation ever coming close. (So long as we still get the occasional Tallneck in a flash forward, or something.)

We’ll be keeping a sharp eye out for updates on Horizon 2074 as the story develops.

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