Gwendoline Christie considers playing Brienne again in Jon Snow spinoff


With season 1 of House of the Dragon behind us, it feels safe to say that HBO has proven there’s plenty of appetite for more Game of Thrones stories on TV. The original series was a phenomenon, but whether audiences would return for future outings in Westeros was always an open question. “No one cares about Game of Thrones anymore,” claimed bitter whiners on the Internet, and HBO laughed all the way to the bank.

Fortunately, the studio has already laid plenty of groundwork in case those audiences did show up. In addition to House of the Dragon, there are a number of other Game of Thrones spinoffs in various stages of development. The highest profile is a sequel series centering around Jon Snow, which would see Kit Harington return as the last, secret member of House Targaryen. We don’t know for certain yet whether we’ll actually get to see Snow, but the possibilities are pretty exciting. After all, a sequel series means that any number of other Game of Thrones characters could show up.

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Will Brienne appear in the Jon Snow show? “It depends” on a few hilarious factors

It seems that every time a former cast member of Game of Thrones crops up in some new project or other, the question inevitably arises as to whether they’d consider joining Snow. The latest is Gwendoline Christie, who played the valiant warrior Brienne of Tarth. Christie said she would be “happy to revisit” Brienne shortly after the Snow series was announced. Now she’s out promoting her new Addams Family spinoff Wednesday, which means the time is ripe to make sure her feelings on that haven’t changed. Access Hollywood put the question to the actor, asking if there was any chance we’d see her character Brienne appear on Snow.

“Oh, in the new Jon Snow spin-off? Well, I really don’t know about that. I think it depends if Kit Harington remembers quite how many favors he owes me. And if the writing’s any good; I believe he’s doing it himself.” Christie laughed mischievously, clearly having a good time cracking jokes at her former co-star’s expense before getting serious. “No, I have spoken to Kit about it, and I’m really delighted for him, he was so legendary in that role, really. He’s a great actor, Kit Harington, and he committed his life to that role. And I think we all want to see more of it.”

That we do.

As of this writing, the Jon Snow spinoff has not yet been officially greenlit by HBO. But given the amount of interest swirling around it, I think we have a better chance of seeing this one than some of the others. As long as the writing’s any good, of course.

In the meantime, that other Thrones spinoff House of the Dragon is still available to stream on HBO Max!

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